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Matt Robbins

My name is Matt Robbins, and I am currently enjoying studying a Computer Science course at Aberystwyth University. Now in my third year, I have studied a wide range of modules and many different coding languages, but I especially enjoy networking, computer hardware and web development modules. To see all of the modules I have taken/am taking, click here. Before university, I lived in Bridgnorth where I attended the Bridgnorth Endowed School for secondary school and sixth form where I studied Physics, ICT, Design Technology, Maths and General Studies.


When I am not studying, I like to partake in numerous activities to keep myself busy and doing something constructive. I have always loved driving and racing, and am part of the Aberystwyth Motorsport society where I enjoy competing against other in social Karting events. Another hobby I have had for a while is Xbox and PC gaming. Whilst at home, I enjoyed organising LAN (Local Area Network) parties with my friends so that we could all play together in a social and fun environment.

Lan party at my house
St John

Since joining the St John Cymru - Wales First Aid Society here at Aberystwyth University, I have succeeded in making a lot of new friends as well as learning some life-saving skills and much more. Every Thursday night there is a training session where we are taught how to deal with everything from sprains, strains and bleeds to broken bones, non-breathing casualties and other severe situations.

I have also undertaken and passed many courses with St John such as:

  • FAW (First Aid at Work)
  • AED (Defibrillator)
  • Radio Communications
  • Manual Handling

As well as helping provide first aid cover for university football and rugby matches, I have also helped in bigger events such as Rugby 7s - a large rugby tournament that took place in early May. This was a very busy duty where I found myself regularly having to treat multiple casualties with my partner, as well as being put in a pair with newer members where I enjoyed taking the lead during patient treatment whilst educating and helping my partner gain confidence in patient care. When I go down to London for my industrial year with Google, I hope to continue being an active St John member to further expand my skills in the first aid area, go on more courses and experience different duties.

Town's Ambulance

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